Custom HR Solutions for Small Businesses

Without the Corporate Nonsense

I help small businesses attract and retain their most important asset: THEIR PEOPLE.

 As a business owner, it can be overwhelming to try and develop your product or service, find clients who want to work with you and develop a culture that you envision for your company. That’s where I come in. I help you attract, hire, onboard, and retain your ideal workforce.

Creative Human Resources Solutions


HR Consulting

I provide an objective and fresh set of eyes to your pressing HR concerns by recommending best practices and solutions to move forward.

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A-La-Carte HR

I handle everything from writing effective job descriptions and interviewing candidates to helping create a culture where people want to work.

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Individual Coaching

New to the HR field? I alleviate the stress and worry by offering tried and true practices and procedures which you can start implementing immediately.  

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No one will ever be as passionate and enthusiastic as you are about your business, but you can find amazing and creative people to help you realize your dream and reach your goals by sending the right message from the very first job posting. Attracting your ideal employees starts before they even walk through the door. Your policies and procedures send a message and that message sets the tone for all interactions you have with them, they have with each other, and everyone has with your clients and customers. When you have policies and procedures that reflect your core values and vision for the company, your expectations are clearly identified and your employees will feel that they are part of a team with a bright future.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Let's discuss how by working together we can create and retain the team you need and foster an environment in which they will want to work. 

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